SolForge Interactive can create custom content to suit your needs, in traditional media, Internet websites and virtual reality worlds. 

Print Media, Web Content & Other Services
While not part of our main software development focus, traditional media work has been a frequent request from our clients.  To learn more, click here.

We can work with instructors to develop customized SolNexus virtual worlds.  These unique online spaces can be built to represent any number of real or imagined classroom settings and in a variety of styles -- from realistic to highly caricaturized.

Marketing & Sales
SolForge can create interactive 3D product visualization software and videos for your merchandise.  We can help you show your products from every angle.  An integrated real-time text chat system allows your sales staff to provide a more immediate connection with customers and greater feedback than traditional e-mail can offer.

Home Design & Lodging
We can build 3D replicas of your designs or seasonal rental properties for customers to explore from their computers.  Virtual homes can provide a more accurate representation of a building's design and location than brochures or traditional web sites.  The integrated real-time text chat system allows your sales staff to meet with customers and answer any questions they might have.  Text, image and video documentation can also be included within the software to provide a full range of marketing opportunities.

For more information about any of our services, contact us at:

SolForge Interactive
1117 East Stuart Drive - Suite 133
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