Our first commercial product, SolNexus, is being designed by a former community college instructor for the primary purpose of connecting online learners together in a shared virtual space.  SolNexus uses modern computer game technology to make distance learning experiences come alive. 

While SolNexus was originally conceived to add more vitality to traditionally asynchronous online college courses, discussions with homeschooling parents revealed other possibilities.   Specifically, we discovered that SolNexus could provide a high-tech tool for parents in homeschooling co-operatives to make the most of their collective talents and knowledge -- with each parent sharing his or her expertise with the student members of the group in a virtual classroom. 

By using networked 3D technology and tools, we hope to tap into the most uplifting social aspects of online gaming communities and apply them to distance learning initiatives of all kinds.  SolNexus isn't being designed to replace existing online educational tools, but to supplement them with instant feedback and instructional support -- all set within a gigantic sphere of possibilities.  This is possible because game-powered educational worlds are not restricted by normal human limitations of time and space.  In a virtual classroom, just about anything is possible -- everything from exploring the moon to examining a computer system from the inside.  All of these, and more, are equally possible.

SolNexus is still in development -- however the core software already has the following features . . .

  • Networked interactive 3D virtual worlds
  • Support for up to 64 simultaneous world users/visitors
  • Real-time text chat & automatic transcription
  • Full-motion video & audio playback
  • Built-in hypertext document system & external Web page access
  • RSS news feed support
  • Full 3D online session recording
  • Attendance & student contribution reporting
  • User selected world avatars
  • Multiple screen resolutions
  • Modular design for easy content updating
  • Per-course password protection
  • Master-server session matching service
  • Limited Flash animation support with .swf files
  • Instructor activated "Safer Web" Internet browsing

SolNexus is planned for two major versions; Academy and Campus.   The Academy edition will be aimed at a younger audience, complete with bright colors and whimsical environments, robots, bugs, fish and balloons.  The Campus edition will retain all the core features of SolNexus, but will present more realistic and believable virtual worlds for older users.

Minimum and recommended system requirements for running SolNexus are still pending, so be sure to check back for further details.

SolNexus is still a work in progress and we hope to have  a public demo available soon.

To learn more about SolNexus, contact us at:

SolForge Interactive
1117 East Stuart Drive - Suite 133
Galax, VA 24333


Island Example  
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 Moonscape Example  
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